Exam Visit

  • Comprehensive Exam & X-rays
  • Customized oral hygiene Instructions
  • Oral cancer screening

Bite & Headache Relief

  • A small bite-guard (called an “NTI”) fits over your 2 front teeth. This devise is FDA approved to significantly reduce headaches and neck pain by relaxing muscles in the head and face.
  • Very simple and comfortable to wear-at night or all day. Just remove it when you eat.

Beautiful White Fillings

  • Beautiful white fillings that look and feel wonderful.
  • Makes tooth stronger, protects weak cusps from fracturing and actually seals the tooth from bacteria.
  • We rarely do black mercury laden fillings anymore.

Crowns & Onlays

  • Wraps around tooth cusps to make the tooth stronger, so it doesn't break.
  • Necessary for most back teeth if more than 2/3 of the tooth is missing. (fillings won't last)
  • Beautiful in appearance and feels totally natural.


  • Alarming number of adults are getting cavities in their roots.
  • Roots of teeth have no protective enamel layer, so root cavities progress so fast that they can reach the nerve in just a few months. Many teeth with root decay are not fixable; even with surgery.
  • Professional strength adult fluorides significantly protect exposed roots. Adult fluoride treatments are essential if you're on medications that make your mouth dry, or have crowns, bridges or large fillings.

Gum Surgery

  • This Technique is analogous to pushing a couch out of the way to clean properly underneath it.
  • First we remove all the infection and bacteria. Then lost areas in the gum and jaw are replaced with biological materials. Afterwards, you can take of gum properly so they stay healthy.

Hidden Clasps

  • Partial denture hooks no-one can see replace ugly dentures hooks.
  • Use special snaps like on a jacket, or elastic dentures that hold themselves.
  • Stronger than unsightly clasps, don't catch debris that can causes cavities and lessons forces that can loosen anchor teeth.


  • Same titanium materials that doctors use for the replacements, or pins for broken bones.
  • So biocompatible that the body doesn't know there's a foreign material.
  • Implants are comfortable anchors you cement crown or bridge to; or used to snap a denture into place and eliminate embarrassing movement and irritation once and for all.

Oral Cancer Screen

  • Fourth most common cancer. More prevalent than cervical cancer.
  • Commonly so symptoms or noticeable growth.
  • Most are caught too late; so the survival rate is one of the worst of all cancers.
  • Simple screening tests use a rinse and special light (ViziLite) or light scraping (Oral CDx).

Root Canals

  • Removes infection from inside your tooth with little pipe cleaner-like tools.
  • The second most common procedure we do after fillings.
  • Allows you to keep your natural tooth for years.
  • Done with simple Novocain; usually in only one easy visit.

Missing Teeth

  • A “fixed bridge” is a false tooth held by crowns to adjacent teeth.
  • Look and feels quite natural.
  • Prevents bite from collapsing which may cause front teeth to loosen or shift.
  • Keeps bite properly distributed so other teeth don't move or fracture.

Root Planning

  • Removes infections that gotten under gum, invaded the jaw bone and on roots that can progress rapidly to the nerve. May prevent need for surgery later.
  • Provided fresher breath.
  • Helps reduce gum hemorrhage that slows bacteria into your general system. Research has linked this problem to heart disease, immune disorders, low birth weight babies, diabetes and other health issues.

Sedation Dentistry

  • Safe oral relaxing medication can make dentistry easier with little or no memory of treatment.
  • Can allow you significant major treatment done in a single trouble-free visit.
  • Laughing gas- nitrous oxide for adults

Veneers & Smile Makeovers

  • Like an artificial fingernail that fits over front teeth.
  • May be used to hide stains and chips, brighten tooth color, masks, crooked teeth and can align them into a beautiful smile.


  • Get a whiter more beautiful smile in less than an hour with unique gel on your teeth activated by a special light.
  • Whitening can also be done with professional gel and custom-fitted trays you use at home.
  • Weak gels sold in drug stores are not comparable.


  • Teeth are like the tip on the iceberg. Most of the problems are hidden.
  • X-rays reveal trouble spots are in-between the teeth, under the gums or within the jaw bone.
  • They show bite problems, hidden cancers, cysts and abscesses.